A Lot to Share

A Lot to Share

well i’m sorry that i still haven’t been up to posting. it seems when i have the time, i don’t have the energy, and vice versa. add to that still being in pain, and having a little one who thinks he needs to nurse ALL THE TIME, and it doesn’t leave me much computer time!

tomorrow (night) jamin will be one week old. can you believe that?? i sure can’t. he is so precious, wonderful and adorable. he truly is a beautiful little boy. he has a sweet and mellow disposition (most of the time LOL). i have been worried for a few days about how much thinner he has looked, and his yellowness has concerned me too. i was sooooo thankful when we went to have his required labs today, that the lactation consultant was there. she gave me the little supplementation kit (the little tiny tube thing) and said that he wasn’t too yellow and that i shouldn’t be worried about it. however, he has lost 10 oz. so he was only 6lbs 2oz. 🙁 that’s a 9% loss, and 10% losses are when they get really concerned. she assured me that it’s not my milk – i have a lot of milk. and his latch seemed to be fine. she just mentioned the cycle some little ones go through, that they are too tired to nurse, so they have no energy, so they are even more tired and nurse even less. the same thing happened with jeremiah, and probably josiah too.

i’m hopeful we can turn it around. nursing every two hours (three hours at night), giving 1/2 an oz of a supplement each time, and putting him in the sun each day…also pumping after every feeding so i keep up production. i think he will be fine. the funny thing is how many poopies and pees he’s having. you wouldn’t think there would be any problems with gaining weight! sigh.

we are supposed to do newborn portraits tomorrow…but i don’t know if we have the money to do so. 🙁 it makes me so sad! we didn’t get them in the hospital because they were much too expensive, so jerry promised we could get some at jc penney’s this week.

speaking of pictures…i finally got them edited and up at winkflash for viewing. http://www.winkflash.com/PHOTO/signin_es.aspx?esf=xptysapxyjr7if0ogzsw8pfmsdl2tm

remember you have to have a winkflash account to view!

please keep praying for us! God bless!

10 thoughts on “A Lot to Share

  1. Sorry about the weight loss. 🙁 Jared lost more than 10% before we even left the hospital (we were there 3 nights, due to the c-section). It’s scary, I know… If I remember right, Jared went down to 5 lbs, 13 oz. (I’d have to check to see if I am right.)

    I hope you get your energy back soon!!!! I sure miss you!

    Love you!

    Off to see the pictures!

  2. OK… Looked through the photos. 🙂 I can’t quite decide which brother he resembles. I am leaning toward Jeremiah, but then… I’ve never been so good at that sort of thing! 😆

    LOVE the photo of you and Jerry holding hands, and looking at each other.

    When you get back to scrapping you should do a comparison layout, with all three boys, with them at the same age. It would be cool to see them all together like that. 🙂

    Love ya!

  3. Jenn, our last one had jaundice and a friend who is a nurse (and our pediatrician) both said that jaundice makes babies soooooo sleepy. Elizabeth slept so much at the beginning and took a long time to wake up to eat, too. We had issues with weight loss, but once we had the jaundice resolved her eating picked right up. Hang in there!

  4. Meesh

    Praying for more eating, and for the sun and supplements to do their trick!

  5. I love babies! I think he looks like both boys, but in one of the pictures I think he looked just like Jeremiah! Have fun with those boys! I can’t wait to see more pictures and hear the birth story! Take care of yourself and try to get some sleep!

  6. Meesh

    After looking at the pictures, especially in #32 and #43, he looks just like Jeremiah!

  7. hey guys! i love the pics! i agree with julie, i think he looks like jeremiah. his eyes and cheek area, lips too. he’s adorable! congrats! remember to make sure to get some mommy time in 🙂

  8. Hi Jen…first off…congratulations on the birth of Jamin! I’m so happy for you and your family. 🙂 Next…dont’ be too concerned from the weight loss, Faith lost a lot of weight too when she was first born…he’ll be fine. 🙂 Wishing you and all your boys a fabulous week ahead! Lotsa hugs!

  9. Jenn, the pictures are so precious! Hope you are able to rest some. I know it can be very difficult especially when you have small children around who are also clamoring for some time with mommy. I know the nursing on demand is hard to do but that’s one of the best remedies for his jaundice. All the very best!

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