A Day of Milestones

josiah turns 9 mos old tomorrow, and he wanted to make sure he proved his papa right! he took four and a half steps this afternoon!!!!!!!! jerry said he’d be walking by 9 mos!!!! since the first time, at about 530 or so? he did it 2 more times before bedtime (730). i am just so shocked!!!

and earlier this afternoon, he WAVED! he is waving for real, in response to someone waving at him!!!!!!! i just can’t believe how big he is!!! it’s time to start baby signs with him!

he is just SO much fun and SO incredibly adorable and precious. i love him SOOOOO much!!! he is one of those babies that just melts your heart. (i’m sure i’ll say that about every one of my children tho! LOL). his smile is so huge and so joyful and he is so quick to smile. he’s a busy guy, always on the run, but loves being held and being snuggled as well.

since jeremiah and i have still been struggling over naptimes, i have been trying different wind-down things with him. our favorite is listing and touching everything that’s sleepy on him. from his hair down to his toes we mention and touch the sleepy things. i make an extra big deal about his poor eyes being so VERY sleepy. 😉 doing a down stroke over the eyes really helps kids get drowsy for some reason (and it does him, but he still won’t sleep! GRR!). anyway, since doing this we have been saying elbows get sleepy, and elbows aren’t a normal conversation piece, like hands and feet are, ya know? so he’s been trying to say elbows – he says behbows. LOL. it’s so cute! and he called his knees his big behbows. LOLOLOL. i told him no those were his knees through stifled laughter – it was so cute!

jeremiah has been working on counting – he can count to 10 nearly perfectly. he has trouble now and then, but he is pretty consistent. he can get all the way to 14 sometimes. i STILL need to write down all the numbers and letters he can recognize. it’s a lot though! he is great at almost all animals – he knows them all – and he can do or recognize most of the sounds as well.

i am just so blessed with my amazing sons i can’t even believe it sometimes. i’m so thankful to the Lord for blessing me with them. sometimes when i get stressed i forget to stop and look at them and listen to them and remember what miracles they are. they are priceless, irreplacable miracles! they are the blessings i’ve always prayed for and dreamed of, and i’m ashamed of myself for putting anything fleeting before them. i pray that the Lord, and they as well, will forgive me for the times i do that.

well that’s it for now – i hope everyone is doing great! miss you all!!! ((((hugs!!))))

6 thoughts on “A Day of Milestones

  1. Trey took his first steps a few weeks ago, but he won’t take more than 3 or 4 steps. I guess he figures since crawling gets him to where he wants to go, why walk lol.

  2. Cute. 🙂 I would have never thought of mentioning the “tired parts” of the kids. 😆 … I guess I’m a mean Mommy! 😉 I would just put them to bed, give them a kiss, and shut the door. *sighs* … Maybe if I’m lucky enough to have another one, I’ll be better.

    Hope you’re having a great day!


    P.S. I put the order in for my book from heritagemakers.com … Have you worked on yours yet?

  3. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

    Love you!

  4. Jeremiah and Josiah are getting to be big boys! They are great little kids Jenn!

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