35 Weeks!!

35 Weeks!!

here is a little thing i fill out at one of the forums i go to:

Remind us how far along please!

i am 35 weeks today!!!

How are you feeling?

fine but TIRED. READY to meet him!

Biggest complaint?

pure exhaustion!

Biggest joy?

when the boys give my belly kisses and talk to their baby brother Undecided

Most comfortable outfit?

size large maternity pants, size large maternity shirts

When is your next doctor appt? Any US’s?

i had one yesterday, next one’s in two weeks. no more us 🙁

Favorite activity right now?

sleeping. LOL. making digiscrap pages!

Have you made any kind of birth plan?

no, i keep meaning to re-look jeremiah’s birth plan up.

Feeling movement? How often? What makes baby move the most?

oh my goodness when does the boy NOT move?! he is awake more than he’s asleep – kicking me, head-butting me, elbowing me, whatever else he wants to do. my internal organs should be bruised.

Anything you are nervous about? Excited about?

actually, i have seen some scary things lately. a college friend died of delivery complications, the movie jersey girl, others i know from online having serious complications…before this i thought everything would go just fine, like with jeremiah and josiah….but the odds are something could happen, and it scares me.

What are you looking forward to the most?

meeting my precious jamin – holding him close, nursing him, seeing jerry with him, letting him meet his big brothers…deciding who he looks like! lol

Boy/girl/names? jamin zachariah

How are you sleeping?

once i’m asleep i’m fine, but i have to get up a lot to potty. Wink i am really uncomfortable – my legs and hip joints are really sore/loose.

Any showers coming up?

i don’t think i’m getting one. 🙁

i had to take my own pics again, and this is the only one i like ok lol. (side note: i was wearing my nice black pants just for the pics. lol. jeremiah and josiah were saying how pretty i looked – then i changed back to regular loafer clothes and jeremiah said “not so pretty now” – can you believe that? lol!)

i am TIRED and EXHAUSTED and SORE and ready to meet my baby!!!

i am doing great bp-wise, weight-wise (172), and on all fronts. dr says jamin could come at any time and be fine (though we’re praying he’ll cook a bit longer!) he checked me, because i told him i’ve been having braxton hicks really often. he wanted to make sure they weren’t real contractions. he said i was still closed and soft. but that once jamin decides it’s time to come out, there will be no stopping him (i was mentally reminded of josiah knock-knock-knocking, ready to come out in the delivery room LOL).

i am getting so sick of myself. i have SO little patience with the boys lately. they disobey and it drives me insane. i want to nip it in the bud but have no energy to do so! so i just get mad at them. 🙁 please pray for us on that, too.

BELLY COMPARE!!! jeremiah, josiah and jamin, all at 35 weeks:

4 thoughts on “35 Weeks!!

  1. When I saw the first picture, I was thinking you looked bigger this time… But when I see the comparison picture, you just look “pointier” *lol*

    It’s hard to believe that you’re in the home strech now… Seems like you just told me you were pregnant…

  2. woo, didn’t realize you were that close to your due date. You look great!

  3. You definitely look ready to go any day now! I was surprised to see how much you’ve popped out! I have to say, after seeing the comparison of the 3 pictures, you can see that you’ve really lost some weight! good for you! You look great! I also love the different glasses!

  4. you look so pretty in your picture..pregnancy really suits you :D. I always thought I looked so blah when I was pregnant LOL..
    I can’t believe you’re already 35 weeks..only a few more weeks!

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