31 Weeks.

31 Weeks.

well i’m 31 weeks now! baby jamin is very active. he’s always moving around doing something. i feel elbows, feet, knees, bottom, lol… i think josiah was more active tho, so that’s a good sign. lol. one major monkey boy around here is enough for me right now! i can’t wait to meet my baby!!
i had a dr’s appt on monday. i haven’t been commenting on them because nothing happens! monday i was there for about 5 minutes. they check my weight (i don’t know what it was there, but tonight it is 169.5 (i usually check in the am before i eat…), then my bp, which was perfect, then he checks the heartbeat, which was perfect, and checks my fundal height, which i assume was normal. i am now on the every two weeks schedule. i’m thankful they moved their office – it’s now about 5 minutes away instead of 15 minutes away. plus, it’s a one-story building, walk right in, instead of walking wayyyyy from the parking lot, upstairs, down the hall…lol.

i don’t know if i mentioned this, but my new dr delivers at three hospitals. so my plan is just to go wherever he is at the time. one is st francis, where i delivered both boys. the other two are community south (i have friends who delivered there and really like it) and johnson memorial (my friend amanda delivered all three there, and loves it). so i figure whichever one, i will be fine!

as for as me, i’m doing ok. i am sooooo tired all the time. like exhausted. and my joints are pretty sore a lot of the time (mainly pelvic area). i am majorly constipated, and having the same horrid problem i had with both the boys. i have really horrible moody days, and days where i am perfectly normal. sigh. i wish i could balance my hormones!

i have been digiscrapping a lot still. i need to update the gallery again!! i always forget to do it – i need to just do what julie does, and upload there when i upload to my required sites…lol.

i hope everyone is doing well. i miss you all! i’m sorry i have been such a stranger lately.

4 thoughts on “31 Weeks.

  1. Yay! Another post!…

    Glad to hear you’re doing well. 9 more weeks… It’s hard to believe!

    Glad your appointments are going well. That’s always a good sign! Means things are progressing well. 🙂

    Alicia was my most active baby while pregnant… And she’s STILL my most active. *lol*. When I was pregnant with her, I mentioned (at a family gathering) that she was the most active, and Joe’s dad turned up his nose, and insisted that she must be a boy then. 🙄

    Love ya!

  2. Glad you’re doing well!! Enjoy your last 2 months!! I love this stage, mine have all been super active, right up until they’re out!!LOL
    Have a blessed weekend!!

  3. It sounds like things are going well for you 🙂
    You are glowing too, I love that heart pic!!!

  4. Hi Jenn…I can’t believe that around the corner another baby is coming for you…seems like you just announced that you were pregnant! Wowsie, time is going fast. Sounds like everything is going perfectly for you and all your boys! I’m glad to hear it! Have a blessed weekend! Lotsa hugs!

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