did you see that, on the side? jamin knows my voice! isn’t that so cool to think about?!

thank you all for praying for me. i honestly feel it. i am not doing “better” really, but am reminding myself daily that the Lord has not let me down. i know these things just happen. the only other time that my faith was really shaken was during my battle with infertility. and i have to say, this hit me harder than even that. just knowing that He will never leave my side, even when i’m not sure He’s there, means the world.
please continue to pray for rachel and her whole family. i know that if this affects me like this, she must be hurting really badly. 🙁

when i am really stressed or depressed, i find lots of comfort in digital scrapbooking. it makes me feel better to work on pics of the boys when they were tiny, to journal or re-read journal entries…so i have been doing a LOT of digiscrapping the past few weeks. i need to upload the layouts to the gallery. i will post when they are up.

i can’t believe my little niece is going to be one next month!! time just flies. i know i say that a lot, but it really amazes me. i was looking at her newborn pics, and just knowing what she looked like a few weeks ago – you can’t even tell she’s the same girl! she’s such a big girl now (well she’s actually tiny like her mom, but ykwim!).

anyone watching season finales lately? i have to say american idol upset me the other night. even tho i don’t vote, so i really don’t have much say in the matter, melinda should have one this year. she was totally robbed! enough about that or i’ll get angry lol.

lost and heroes are two other favorites. and to be TOTALLY honest, medium and supernatural are another two of my favorites. 😛 i can’t believe they’ll all be (or already are) over soon. i just heard that lost is going to run for 3 more years. how many babies will they have for little aaron’s character, i wonder? he’s been a few months old for a few years now. LOL.

well that’s it for now i guess…thanks again for your prayers!!!

8 thoughts on “26 Weeks!

  1. 26 weeks! You’re getting closer!
    I have to agree with you about American Idol. I was completely disgusted that Melinda was sent home. I, on the other hand, did vote for her many many times! I really don’t want Jordin to win, so I may just vote a lot for Blake next week, but I refuse to watch the show! It’s going to be another year like last year. I thought last year was a wash too, since Chris Daughtry should have won and Taylor Hicks isn’t very good at all! The last time AI got it right was with Carrie Underwood. Anyway, did I tell you that one of my friends from high school is good friends with Melinda? Crazy, huh? They went to college together and he works for a Music Production company in CA and they have had her in several of their projects!

  2. I can’t believe you’re 26 weeks. Amazing.

    I don’t watch any regular TV, so I can’t say much about any of those… The only one I’ve even heard of is AI. 😆 (and I’ve watched that a total of 1 time… Well, some of it, at someone else’s house, because they had it on…)

  3. BTW, you’ve never Emailed me to tell me what colors you want Jamin’s quilt….

  4. I’ve been wondering how you were doing. I hope soon you will be feeling better and glad the scrapping helps. You are in my prayers. 26 weeks, wow.

    I didn’t know Lost was going to run another three years, last I heard next season would the be last. I love that show, but have kinda lost interest and usually end up catching missed shows online.

    Melinda voted off was shocking. She was really good. We got some votes in for her, but we were/are huge chris richardson fans. Kelsey says she wants blake to win now so we’ll be voting for him next week. I agree with the comment above that last year it should have been Daughtry that won.

    Take care of yourself!

  5. I watch AI a little. I personally like Jordin. But I don’t think that the people on there are as talented as some of the past seasons.

    I also watch Heroes and Supernatural. I hope both of them get renewed for another season.:grin:

  6. i could have swore i commented on this!! by now you’re 27 weeks. wow, getting there! i find that getting out of the house and keeping up with photography and stuff REALLY helps with my depression. exercising too but, when i was pregnant i didn’t feel like it. i can’t believe we’re all mommified nowadays. remember when it was just 1? now we have 2 and 3!

  7. Hi Jenn! We didn’t know you had a blog either….hehehehehe. Glad to know that you’ve been “feeling” better. I’ve spent most Sunday mornings lately in the nursery with Penny- and Josiah. I also am not happy with the American Idol outcome and was happy Chris sang on the finale show (and the 500 pre-race stuff!!). Take care!

  8. How are you? We haven’t heard from you in awhile! Just wondering how you’re feeling and how things are going! I was also curious as to how your 28 week GD test went this time around! I hope you don’t have it again like with Josiah! Update us soon! Take care!

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