19 Weeks

19 Weeks

the pics are supposed to be 18 week pics, but they’re more like 18.5 week pics. 😛

i’m 19 weeks today, and the all-telling ultrasound is only a week away!!

i asked jeremiah today if he wanted to play at ms amanda’s house or go see the baby on the tv. i said we were going to find out if baby bug is a boy or a girl. he said “but she’s a GIRL!”. LOL. he is sooooo sure. i hope the poor guy isn’t too disappointed if we’re wrong!

i NEED to start getting to sleep earlier. 🙁 i am soooo tired, and i even vomited this morning. 🙁

i need to get at least a few winks in before the boys awaken from nappytime!

if you haven’t voted in the baby pool, please do so now! the link is on the sidebar. 😉

hope everyone is well!

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  1. That’s cute about Jeremiah. Had Amanda been a boy, Jared would have been VERY dissapointed. 🙂 … He had been smitten with Alicia since the moment she was born, and wanted another sister, just like her. 🙂

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