100 Days of…

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So, I found this site called Give it 100. You decide to do something for 100 days and DO IT. You video at least 10 seconds a day. I was thinking of 100 days of not yelling. But how can I video that? Then I thought maybe going up and down the stairs 30x at one time for 100 days. What do you think I should do? And what will YOU try to do?

I decided what I’m going to do! Now to get it posted. 🙂
I’ve decided to focus on making something lovely for 100 days. https://giveit100.com/@blestwithboys/3daqpl
This will include:
1. Be lovely
– heart/attitude (tame temper, memorize scripture, read Bible more, pray more, speak kindness, etc)
– weight/care (exercise, eat well, shower daily, facial care, etc)
– clothing/hair (choose clothes and keep hairstyle that look good on me)
2. Lovely home
– clean better/more often
– get pictures up/decorations up
– get organized for more peace
3. Create loveliness
– write – songs, blog posts, stories, books, etc
– food – cooking, baking lovely yummy things
– photography – taking, printing, editing, digiscrapping, etc
– drawing/painting/jewelry making/crafting, etc

Will you follow me and spur me on to good deeds? Will you join me and do something yourself?
My 1st day video is now up!

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