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Finding Humor & Meaning in Motherhood {Imperfect Moms Day 4}

There are so many valuable lessons to be learned in motherhood. Among the most important for myself is to find the humor in all the crazy.

I really don’t want to be the mom who walks around looking like she’s been weaned on a pickle. Even God’s word says that “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

As the heart of my home, I know my attitude impacts my children tremendously. I know my cheerfulness is good medicine for my children.

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I also know the opposite is true. Believe me, my sour attitude wasn’t just drying up my bones. My children were affected as well.

Finding humor and meaning in the chaos of motherhood

So, in an effort to spread some joy and laughter, here are 10 things that I hope you can laugh at, cry with or relate to. I also hope you will be encouraged to know that you’re not the only one who doesn’t have it all figured out!

10 Ways I Have Found Humor and Meaning in Motherhood

1. You made a to-do list. But, at the end of your exhausting day, none of it was done. So you add the things you did get done so you’ll have something to check off on your list!

  • mow yard
  • fold laundry
  • vacuum
  • clean toilet
  • wipe boogers
  • change 11 diapers
  • swing the kids
  • read them a book
  • make PB&J for lunch
  • again for snacks
  • and for supper (because that’s what they wanted)
  • kiss boo-boos
  • keep everyone alive

    (The last one is especially essential. PB&J helps accomplish that!)

2. Your child got stuck in the mud you told him to stay out of. He’s screaming for you to rescue him. You will, but first you must snap five photos from different angles.
And you laugh.

3.You realize you only got one leg shaved and you’ve been walking around like that for 2 days…in shorts. You decide you’re just getting in touch with your more primitive side.

4. Your first thought at seeing your 1 year old chomping on dog food is,
“Oh!!…. Well, its good for the dog. It must have some nutritional value, right?”
You check yourself, try to have him spit it out, but it gets swallowed anyway.

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5. You rename a recipe because of something your child said about it.
In our family we have a delicious pasta and fruit salad smothered in poppy seed dressing. Due to all the poppy seeds, our oldest deemed it “Fly Poop Salad”.
YES. We call it that.

6. You have 45 minutes to do errands….ALONE.
But you’re not sure how to handle this freedom thing….its so strange….and quiet….and boy, did it fly by too fast.
So for the last mile, you slow down to a whopping 10 mph, roll the windows down and crank the music, just trying to squeeze in a few more seconds of this loud quiet.

7. Your children come bounding out of the house, jumping up and down, wanting hugs, expressing pure delight at seeing your face again.
You feel a twinge of guilt that your delight doesn’t quite match theirs. But your heart is full at such a grand welcome after only 43 minutes.

8. You need a shower. BAD.
So you lock the windows, deadbolt doors, turn on cartoons, hand the kids a reserved bag of cheese puffs and a community mug of lemonade.
You dive into the shower, sure you hearing a home invasion taking place. You’re breathless as you barge out of the bathroom, clean and clothed in 2.5 minutes flat, just in time to see the last cheese puff being devoured and the 64oz mug slurped empty.


You still didn’t get that other leg shaved.

9. The child hugs your hips. Then she hugs your waist. Then she hugs your hips again, measuring you by how far her arms reach around. She says, “Mom, you’re kind of fat there.”

You want to cry and eat chocolate.

10. You sneak into their room at night, push back the mound of messy hair, kiss their soft cheeks, wondering how God trusts you with them. Thanking Him that He “gently leads those that have young.” (Is.40:11)

You brush a tear off their cheek and realize it’s your own.

[Tweet “You brush a tear off their cheek and realize it’s your own. @FaithfulFeat #imperfectmom”]

So much is held in that one tear…..

Joy and awe at the sight of this perfect creature.

Sadness that she’s growing so fast.

Terror at how the world will damage him.

Excitement at how He will impact the world through the child.

Relief at the promise of beautiful sleep awaiting you.

Motherhood is crazy. It’s also crazy blessed.

I believe we should give ourselves a break.

Yes, we need to be wise and alert to what is going on with each child. Yes, we need to check our own hearts. We must be aware of how we’re impacting them, and whether that influence is God-honoring or selfish.

But, I also believe we need to relax a little and laugh at the messy, loud, wild journey.

He gives joy and grace alike. And while we don’t want to make it a cheap grace, we still need it.

It’s okay to accept that grace with a smile and keep finding the humor as we keep learning how to parent in Him.


Kaylene Yoder
Kaylene Yoder is just a girl with a sword, a shield and a strong cup of coffee. She finds her first ministry to be in her home living out her calling of wife and mother. In her spare time she writes to encourage women to thrive well in their current roles. Be it through sweet encouragement or an occasional dose of humor or spunkiness, her goal remains the same… to point women to the Lord.
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5 thoughts on “Finding Humor & Meaning in Motherhood {Imperfect Moms Day 4}”

  1. Glad you enjoyed it, Phyllis! I just reread it and had to smile a few times too. I needed the reminder to lighten up! Blessings and thank you for reading!

  2. Brilliant, Kaylene. Great job. BTW – It wouldn’t matter if I shaved only one leg – by the end of the day, they’d both be the same. **SIGH**

  3. LOL, I laughed while writing it up, laughed while reading it again today, and laughed at Aimee’s comment. It’s the post that keeps on giving, Kaylene! Thanks so much for it!

  4. Roflol… The only one leg shaved thing totally got me. That’s great! Laughter is sooooo very important! Thanks!

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